Caution at the ball field!

23 May

Women all over the country are Greyzed and Confused by this summer’s must read series “Fifty shades of Grey”.The sale of Ben Wa balls have sky rocketed .How could something be perverted if everyone is reading it?

So it is indeed true that there may be more than just baseballs being played with at the ballpark this season….

If you have noticed an unusually brilliant glow on many moms’ faces, smiles incongruous with the nose-pickin whiners in their back seats, along with a noticeable calm not seen since pre-children days, it may be a result of more than just little Johnny’s latest homerun. Fifty Shades has reminded numerous mini van owners around the country of the portable thrill Ben wa balls can provide.  Yes, Anastasia enjoyed them, but her thrill level couldn’t possibly begin to compare with the world it has opened to us moms as we load the dishes, fold the laundry and unstop the clogged toilet.  I mean, what a wonderful concept to be able to carpool while you climax!  If you haven’t yet experimented, it is highly recommend that you do.  Join us as we pay homage to Christian, thoughts of those long fingers could light your mini van on fire.

One note of caution…..if you do decide to sport these shiny balls at the ball park, it might be prudent to pay a modicum of attention to the game as it would not be particularly advisable to be shouting YES!, YES!, YES! as little Johnny strikes out…..

There have been a number of parodies of the book.This is one of the best!



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2 responses to “Caution at the ball field!

  1. amyluvsbooks

    May 29, 2012 at 1:28 pm

    Love your blog! I actually had an idea of starting a Fifty blog..hope yours does well! I will definately follow 🙂


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